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 Newborn Prep Guide!

Special one-time offer, normally $27 only $12!
In this done for you Canva template simply add your photos and it is ready to send to clients!

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After admiring her work for a while, I was so excited to see that she was offering a newborn course! I had been struggling with posing newborns, specifically the flow from pose to pose. Amanda does such a great job showing each pose AND how she transitions to the next. I love the wrapping tutorial and the family posing tutorials. What made it even better was the natural light aspect of the course. As a mainly natural light photographer, it made me feel that strobe wouldn't be necessary for my sessions. From her bean bag set up through the settings for each pose, this is such a helpful course. My first session after completing this course, I was more confident than I've ever been! Do yourself a favor and grab this course!

Amanda M.
Amanda Mussleman Photography

Grab it! SO WORTH IT! I learned a lot of things I never thought to look out for because I've been stuck in my 'routine' on how I do things. It was certainly nice to learn so many new things I can most definitely use in my future sessions! Worth every penny!

Ashley F. 
Ashley Flug Photography

First and foremost, Amanda is such a talented photographer and her work is phenomenal. As a new photographer (almost 1 year in the business), I am aiming to find my niche and style.  I did my first in-home newborn session, needed advice on what I could improve or done better and Amanda provided feedback without even knowing me and before I purchased her course. I think the most valuable thing any photographer can have is a mentor especially when they are responsive and honest. I said yes right away to this course because it was something that I want to be able to incorporate in my own business and my own skills and I trust Amanda's experience, knowledge and simplicity. I am a part time photographer and have a full time job and 2 kids, but making time for this course was not a problem because she gets straight to the topic and the demonstrations are clear and easy to follow. I would DEFINATELY recommend this course to anyone who would like to offer newborn photography and who doesn't have much experience and need and easy to follow guide to help build their foundation on newborn photography. This course really helped me build confidence for future clients with newborns.

Trixy F.
Trixy Flores Photography

Natural Light newborn: Posing for Profit$794

This course is for you if you want to learn:

everything you need for a newborn session to create a full gallery from simplicity that SELLS

posing workflow: whole family, newborn, wrapped and unwrapped in UNDER 2 hours.

lighting and camera angles explained for maximized growth and gains

skills to create a timeless brand with simplicity

how to use natural lighting and what lighting patterns to look for 

workflows that will seamlessly transition from one pose to the next, without disturbing baby

  • Total payment
  • 1xNatural Light newborn: Posing for Profit$794

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